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    Saint Andrew
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Nanook is a social enterprise - a model for change geared towards helping people make a living from their culture and creativity. We develop, stimulate and promote creative Caribbean people and projects & assist the wider world to connect to the Caribbean creators and content.

After years of industry research and experience Nanook has crafted numerous business and legal products and services to help develop, stimulate and promote Caribbean creative individuals and businesses. To learn more please head to www.nanookonline.com
For more information on the Nanook Approach please email info@nanookonline.com or message us here.

Also please contact Nanook if you're a member of the Caribbean's creative community who's seeking assistance or interested in assisting others through the Nanook Network. Simply message us here or email network@nanookonline.com


Nanook is a member of the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean since 2011
Nanook received an award from the Sir Arthur Guinness Fund for Social Entrepreneurship in 2012.


Seminars, Printed Materials, Apps & Ebooks

  • Cultural Exchange Programme
  • Co-Work Space (C.I.R.C.L.E.)
  • Content Creation (audiovisual) & Publishing
  • Intellectual Property Consultation
  • Creative Industry Consultation
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