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Open now 11:00 am - 9:30 pm
Shop 27 Orchid Village Plaza
18-20 Barbican Road
Kingston 6
+1 876-927-1388
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ChinaMax Restaurant is situated in the heart of the Orchid Village, Barbican and offers the finest Chinese dishes. Our crispy perking duck is our pride and joy which is sought after by connoisseurs of Chinese dishes. The menu is varied and ranges from soups, ducks, Chinese sausage, seafood such as lobster, shrimp and fish. We also prepare chicken, beef, fried rice and egg dishes in a variety of sauces.

Our dishes may be had during our lunch special hour or at dinner.

All these dishes are also available through our catering services. We do small and large groups whether at your venue such as a hotel or at our restaurant.

Walk-ins, Delivery, Fax-ins or Reservations are Welcome!

Excellent sought-after crispy Peking Duck;Natural sauces made in-house;Natural flavourings;Meals made to order