ILDS International Employment Agency
Job Placement Agency
Unit 21 Seymour Park
2 Seymour Avenue
Kingston 10
Managing director
Kimika Lawrence

Recruitment Services

ILDS conducts recruitment services on behalf of our clients in Japan, China, Europe and North America. We find talented and driven professionals and match them with exceptional employers

Job Coaching Services

ILDS conducts job coaching services to sensitize Jamaicans to the cultural differences they will face with international employment.

Language Training Services

ILDS provides language training facilities to equip Jamaicans to be able to navigate everyday life while on assignment in a foreign country.

In the news

The window of opportunity for allied healthcare workers to access jobs locally, in Canada, the United States and other territories has been expanded with the signing of a memorandum of understanding between a local training institution and the Mona Ageing and Wellness Centre. More Overseas Job Opportunities Coming For Allied Healthcare Workers